Luke Darling


Welcome, oh humble visitor, to my website! I'm Luke Darling, an 18-year-old programmer, webmaster, and computer technician living in Greer, South Carolina. I started learning how to program when I was 8 years old. I simply wanted to learn how to make a message box appear on my Windows XP desktop's screen, so I started learning Visual Basic Script. From there, I started learning about the web and the many languages used to create websites. I started checking out HTML and CSS books from the local library and teaching myself web design. I created my own website in an HTML file on my desktop, and continued practicing, upgrading, and redesigning. Around the time I was 10, I started teaching myself JavaScript to use on my little website. I started creating little digital card games, very basic web applications, and various color-changing works of digital art. When I was 11, I started learning how to run and configure an Apache server using XAMPP, and also teaching myself PHP, which continues to be my best-known and favorite language to this day. Less than a month before I turned 12, I went to an event aimed at teaching the youth of Greenville, South Carolina how to program. While I didn't hear a single bit about programming I didn't already know that day, I was intrigued by the operating system used in the computer lab the event was being held in. This was my first experience with GNU/Linux, and it was a great one. I went home and installed a dual-boot copy of Ubuntu on my computer that same day, and I've been using it ever since. While I may do most of my work in Linux, don't assume I don't know my way around Windows, because I do. When I was 13, I bought an Arduino Uno to experiment with. I quickly fell in love with the freedom of being able to program in a way that effected the world around me, and I fell in love with C++, too. For the Fall semester of 2016, I went to Bob Jones University as a dual enrollment student and took the class CpS 109 Intoduction to Computer Programming, where I learned Visual Basic, and I finished the semester with a 99% in the class. I'm currently dual enrolled at BJU this semester in Bi 109 New Testement Messages. I'm currently employed at Clean Life Janitorial, a small, reputable janitorial company based out of Greenville, South Carolina.


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